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We all experience change, transformation and evolution in our lives, and we all deserve support through those changes.  The Butterfly Process is a “Toolbox” of support created to guide you through each stage of a butterfly’s  life process, and can be used every time you move through a new challenge or growth opportunity in your life.  As you travel through the Egg Stage, into the Caterpillar Stage, then the Cocoon Stage, and finally the Butterfly Stage, you are given suggestions, exercises, meditations, creative outlets, and tools to support your journey.  This is an opportunity to allow yourself to be supported, uplifted, guided, and free to try new things.

“The Butterfly Process” is the name I have given to a process I use in pretty much every new experience I move through in my life.  I have found that when I can be quiet and notice where I am in the process, I am able to bring more clarity and awareness to any situation.  I can then seek and allow various forms of support as I move through one stage to the next. We are always growing and learning, and this book offers the support we can all use to get through each stage as gracefully, gently and efficiently as possible.

Example of a Tool from the book:

(Taken from the very first tool of the Egg Stage)

1) Taking Responsibility

The most important thing to know before making any critical changes in your life is that YOU are responsible for your life.  No one can take that from you (and you cannot take that from anyone).  That you are reading this book and have likely done previous personal growth work are true signs you are on a path of taking responsibility for your life.  This is a critical step in your personal evolution.

You are here because you have made choices that have led you here. You are the only person who can make choices for you, and you came here for a purpose, with purpose, and on purpose. Everything you have done up to this point and will continue to do throughout your personal journey is up to you and supports your purpose.

You are not a victim of circumstances, life, other people, places or things; and you are just as important as the Queen of England, Oprah Winfrey, the Dalai Lama, and every tree, animal, drop of water, and blade of grass.

Furthermore, if you are responsible for your choices in your life, than nothing can actually be done “to you.”  Everything that happens in your life can only happen to support your choices.  On some level, you have created everything you have ever experienced, will ever experience, and are experiencing right now in your life.

You must take responsibility to evolve.  If this is difficult for you to grasp at this point, simply move on to the next exercise.  Yet, do your best to remember and allow it to sink in.  Whatever you do, create, choose, act upon, or accept in your life is your responsibility.


“In The Butterfly Process, Terra creates the vehicle for a safe, nonjudgmental journey to self-knowing, self-love, and transformation. She fully engages all forms of learning, with tools that support each step, affirmations to keep you focused, and references to expand the process. Her sweet spirit and Divine knowing allow for gentle, yet powerful, guidance as you learn to let go and fly. My aha moment? “’Why’ is a never-ending question that cannot be answered.” An invaluable revelation.”
J. Alison Hilber, RScP, Author • Change How You See, Not How You Look: Power Tools for Celebrating Your Body
“Some books are just read, and others are meant to be experienced. The Butterfly Process is one such workbook; in fact, I’d say it’s a unique experience in a world of sameness. At a time when so many are fed up with feeding the mind, Terra Bundance’s book does everything possible (and then some!) to get you into your body, to make deep transformative changes, and not just read the same concepts over and over in slightly different words from different authors.  The concepts are logical, and the ideas well thought out.  Also, unlike many books, if you can’t do it on your own, this book is a veritable encyclopedia of resources to further your process. Terra stands with and upon the shoulders of the greats and puts it all into one copious, attainable package.”
“For anyone who has longed and prayed for clear and loving assistance along the wondrous yet mysterious path of life, your prayers are answered. Terra Bundance has created an intricate and sacred road map for all of us as we move from the embryonic stages of personal growth to achieving a spread-your-wings-and-fly lifestyle found in conscious, spiritual practices…”








I Am Life’s Purpose

Tools For the Empath

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To support people in understanding they are not alone in feeling so much.


Tools to support people in understanding how to manage being so tuned in to other peoples’ pain, joy and other emotional energies.

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