Terra Bundance

My Purpose and Passion are to LIVE OUT LOUD- blissfully, authentically, abundantly and joyfully- and to inspire others to do the same.

I began singing and performing on stages and in front of audiences around 6 years old. I started taking private voice lessons at around age 7, and sang in choirs and bands through high school and college. I continued taking voice lessons throughout my childhood and through college, and I started teaching voice lessons just before I graduated. I though, after receiving 2 AA’s (in vocal and theater performance) that I had found my passion- performing and teaching professionally- and so I did that for about 8 years.  I performed in several bands while teaching private voice lessons and vocal classes. I also taught preschool music classes for ages 1 ½ – 6 yrs old, and led a few performance groups with my mom. (I taught the singing techniques and she taught the performance techniques)

With all of the teaching and performing, I began stressing my voice out due to overuse. Even though I taught people how to save their voices from stress, I was doing exactly the opposite to my own voice, and I eventually lost almost all of my range and vocal ability.  So, after all of my years of singing, performing, and teaching, I had to stop doing all of them for a few years.  This was a blow to both my ego, and my identity, and I felt like I had lost my purpose in life!  I took about a year off from all of it, and then began teaching again.  I gave up on performing, because I had formed vocal nodes (a singers worst nightmare) and didn’t think I would ever be able to sing again.  After about 6 years of not singing, (I sat in with friends bands and sang a little back-up or sang a song or two, but otherwise, I thought I had let go of any kind of singing career for good) I moved across the country from GA to Portland, OR.

Miraculously, I found my voice again! (My singing voice, AND my Authentic voice)  I started singing solos and harmony vocals at a Unity Spiritual Center, (The same kind of church I grew up in) and began using my own teaching techniques to strengthen and build my voice again.  I started teaching again, and created a whole new approach.  I started supporting people in “Finding Their True Voice” on all levels instead of “just learning how to sing”.  Thus began my ‘Authentic Vocal Coaching’ career.  I have since developed several classes, workshops, retreats, tools and techniques to support people in claiming their true voice and living their purpose and passion OUT LOUD in the world. I have written a book and am in the process of writing several more. I also recently gave birth to my son which was an unexpected blessing that has helped me slow down a little bit and focus on what really drives me.  Now, I am writing, teaching and speaking to groups, classrooms and organizations about vocal empowerment, and being a full time mom.

To find my classes, workshops, books, and retreats, please check out the rest of my website, and send me an email if you would like to book me for any speaking or teaching engagements.