I’m becoming (Well, actually, HAVE BEEN for some time) aware of the MANY steps it takes to write and publish your own book!  I can certainly tell you that once I am finished with this first book, I will feel SO CLEAR about how to do it with the next one! It has taken me about 2 years since I wrote The Butterfly Process to find and hire an editor, a cover design artist, an interior designer, a marketing person/group, a social media person, a booking agent,  a web designer…. And ALL of the tiny little things in between!  And in the meantime, I am doing most of my own marketing, working on my website in my spare time, talking to all of the people involved, keeping it all straight in my mind, and following through on every teeny little thing that comes up… It could make a right brained person crazy!! LOL! (Luckily, I have a good bit of my dad’s left brain abilities too… PLUS, the most amazing Beloved/partner/support person in the world!! Thank you Michael Doss!)

Now that I am nearing the end of this process and will have a printed book in my hands within the next few weeks, I am getting SO clear as to how much I have done in the past two years to breathe life into my first book! WOW!  Once I am complete with this first one and in the process of writing my next book(s), I also plan to start mentoring authors who wish to go through this same process! It seems it would be such a waste of my knowledge and awareness not to do SOMETHING  to give back to my community!!

Anyone who is truly serious about writing and publishing a book, PLEASE understand that unless you have all of the steps laid out for you, it might take some time and energy 🙂  Truly! And, I will say, in the end it is definitely worth it! Because now, I have a skill set, and I am so clear for my following books!!

I actually look forward to witnessing and experiencing the path(s) that present(s) itself with the next book(s)… After seeing how much I have learned about myself, and grown through this first book, I can only imagine the growth opportunities that will present themselves in the future! Here’s to many more books, publishing processes, connections, joy and expansion!!! YEEHAW!