Hi all!

This is my stream of thought, very first Blog on my Terra Out Loud blog site!!  Please forgive an errors, and typos, and any disjointed thoughts you may encounter here.  I truly write from my stream of thoughts, and I LOVE to look back and re-read what I write, because sometimes, the most interesting and amazing insights show up!  I have been journaling since I was 10 years old, and I have learned that editing as you go can really slow down the process of the thoughts that want to show up 🙂 So, WELCOME to my blog, Terra Out Loud!! I’m glad you dropped by!!

So, I have been working on publishing my book, The Butterfly Process, Tools for Transformation for some time now… Since I am self publishing, I have chosen to learn the in’s and out’s of what it takes to produce, edit, publish and market a book… And I will say right now, It’s SO much work!  And, I might add, it’s SO well worth it!!!

I feel really good about the finished product, which will be coming out in print around the end of September.  I am doing the final touches on it with my interior designer, and will be able to send it to the printer and get my proof within the next week or two!!  This is a cathartic moment for me, as I really had no idea when I started writing this book that it would 1) take so long to get printed, 2) that I would learn so much about myself and the publishing process, and 3) that I would enjoy it as much as I have!!!

I am so very excited to be so close to the end of this part of my journey (having a book that I wrote in my hands, and ready for marketing) and I just have to say, WOW!  I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this process!!! I am grateful to myself too! I have moved through, allowed, and let go of so many things that do not serve my life, and I had no idea they even existed!

One thing I have discovered that has made the most impact to me is that, whatever you decide to call your book, (or album, or project, etc) be prepared to live that title as your life experience through the process of bringing it to life!! 🙂  I have experienced at least a hundred “Butterfly Processes” of my own, and I thought I knew about this process BEFORE I wrote the book, I REALLY understand it now!! And I can not be more glad that I chose this path…

It’s a very new path for me- Writing and speaking- I have been a performer, singer and songwriter most of my life, and I am used to that… And, I thought that being in front of an audience bearing my soul in a different way (As an author and speaker) would be pretty simple at first.  Boy, was I ignorant! 🙂  I have learned that choosing to show up differently in front of an audience has made me REALLY clear and aware of how I would like to show up in the world!!  I have learned about being authentic, I have learned about creating the life I truly want and desire, I have learned about Abundance and lack in their truest forms, I have learned about who my audience is, I have learned about who I am, and I have learned who my true family is.

I guess, what I would like to say, with this- my first Blog on my brand new site- is this: No matter WHAT you think you want to do, no matter how much you think it will change you or not change you, no matter what you think you know about the new thing you are manifesting and creating into your life, YOU must come first.  YOUR CALLING is what matters in this world, and we (the world) NEED you to do your thing!

That is my motivation, and I’m grateful to be able to share this process, my new book, and my new path with you!!

Blessings and Peace!!

Terra Bundance