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The Foundation of Your Voice
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Discovering and claiming your true, authentic voice!

After teaching for several years, I created a vocal teaching technique that ANYone can use.  It’s not just for singers, performers or speakers, it’s for anyone wanting to claim their “True Voice” (whatever that might mean to each person). I use the same steps for everyone that I have used for singers and performers for over 20 years, and my classes and workshops are mixed with professionals and laypersons so there are different perspectives in every class.

I call this 4 class series, “The Foundation of Your Voice”. For over 20 years, I have supported hundreds of people with this technique, from singers, performers, speakers, teachers and comedians to business owners, managers, parents, women’s groups and even teenagers! The series involves learning and understanding the mechanism of the voice and how it works in the body, while also releasing any held beliefs around the voice.  It also provides a very strong foundation for anyone who wishes to continue voice or performance lessons with someone else. (After many years of taking and teaching voice lessons, I discovered that many voice teachers train their students to sing without actually describing and defining how the voice works. What I have learned is that this understanding is essential to any personal growth around the voice, and can build confidence and courage in the individual.)

I have seen profound changes occur in these classes!

Some of the many seeming miraculous events include:

  • People who didn’t believe in themselves suddenly began to trust their inner voice.
  • Depressed individuals realized they could live and function happily in the world.
  • People who felt they had no purpose in life realizing their true calling.
  • People who couldn’t get a job before taking the series, received numerous call backs from interviews done after the series.
  • Performers who had lost their voice or their musical ambition, began performing professionally in bands or recording CD’s of their own music.
  • Professionals receiving raises or upgrades in their jobs.
  • Teenagers realizing they don’t have to live according to other people’s beliefs about them. (One of my favorites!)
  • And so many more!!!

How it works:

  • 4 Classes, 2 hours each, a week apart
  • Each class must be taken to build upon the next one. If you miss one class, you must either work out taking a make up, or you will have to wait until the next class series begins, and you can start over with that group. (You will not have to pay again, but you will have to start from the beginning to build group trust)
  • If you miss any classes in the make-up group, you will have to pay to take the series again.
  • Series is $200 and must be paid by the first class.

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