Miley, Twerking, Divine Feminine, and the Voice of the Youth

So, with all of this talk about Miley Cyrus, twerking and feminism, I have become really aware of a voice that is not being heard.

Many will claim it is the Divine Feminine which will guide the way to our true freedom, many will say it is the Divine Masculine that will push forth or lift up the Divine Feminine, and many will say they don’t even care.  What I say is, the voice of the young people today are SCREAMING OUT for someone to listen, and I say we start listening!  I have a lot to say on this subject because I spend a LOT of time with lots of young people in various situations.  I am a teen advisor at my Spiritual Center, I go to summer camps with them, I have 4 teenaged children, I spend a lot of time with my friends children, and I love to simply BE with them and listen to what they have to say while trying to not have a judgment or speak my perspectives without permission from them.  I notice that often, I may have an immediate reaction or opinion about something they might say or do. Yet, I also notice that when I truly LISTEN, I will hear what is being asked for or spoken on a deeper level… And (I believe) what is being said or asked for has been what we have ALL as young people been trying to say or ask for for all of time! I will come back to this thought after some rambling…

So often, ‘grown ups’ (GU) will witness ‘young people’ (YP) playing or fighting or twerking or whatever, and the ‘GU’ will discuss with other ‘GUs’ their perspectives, their opinions, their disgust, their fears, and their thoughts without even talking to the ‘YP’.  Then, often, the ‘GU’ will later tell the ‘YP’ what they thought of their actions, but not ever ask the ‘YP’ what was going on, and what their thoughts were about the actions that were taken.  Or if they DO ask the ‘YP’ their thoughts or perspectives, the GU will talk about their perspectives, their disgust, their opinions, and their perspectives without truly HEARING what the ‘YP’ were actually saying underneath the words!

I know a LOT of amazing parents, grandparents, teachers, and others who work with the youth, (including myself) so, don’t get me wrong, I know ‘GUs’ are always doing the best that they can at any given time, YET…. I have a theory… what if the problem with our world today is that people don’t actually listen to the youth??!?  Take that in for a second… I remember what it was like being a kid and not feeling heard by my parents (Who are BTW two of the most amazing people and parents this planet has ever seen) even though they were listening to me the best way they knew how… Who reading this ever felt demeaned or unheard by some grown up in their childhood (or even now for that matter!)?  Who among us ever had the thought, “Why don’t they understand me?” or, “When will they just hear what I am saying?” or, “Grown ups are stupid, they will never get me”, or some other such thought?

The more I think about this stuff, the more I think, what if the Bible was right?!?! What if it IS the children who will lead us??  What if this whole conversation about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and ‘those crazy youths’ is all simply the first step to realizing that all it will take is the masculine and the feminine coming together to create the child?!  I wonder if it’s THEN that we will remember our truth??  What if talking about masculine and feminine is still very much about separation?  What about the union of the two parts?  AND, what if we listen to our youth MORE, and tell them how or who to be LESS?  Could that be the key to end all suffering?  I think it might be the start!

So, I know I am ranting here a little bit, I’m curious, what do you think about about the “youth of today”?  I’m going to get back to what I was saying at the end of the first paragraph. What if the youth are simply saying exactly what we were ALL trying to say when we were their age?  What if EVERY new generation, once they hit the ripe age of puberty and start moving into their Saturn Return (Age 28-ish) are given the gift of insight without the gift of how to communicate that insight in words?  What if we as teens and young adults are allowed to communicate the deeper knowing of who WE (As a human body) are only through the creativity of our actions?  Maybe that would look something like break-dancing, or bumping and grinding, or flapper dancing, or doing the dougie, or twerking, or pole dancing, or  radical art and music, or skateboarding, or video gaming, or WHATEVER we could come up with to give voice to our generation!  Maybe, just maybe, the youth are actually telling us something, and we are simply judging it and putting it down without hearing the deeper meaning of what is trying to come forth through their gifts and talents (crazy and over sexed as they may seem).

Consider the ramblings of this author/performer and try listening to what is trying to be heard through the actions and words of the young people.  I know I am no longer a kid, and yet, I feel I may have a bit of an advantage that many parents don’t have.  I still remember REALLY WELL what it was like to be a teenager and young adult and not feel heard or seen.  I have not given birth to children, and yet, I get to spend a lot of time with many age groups and learn from them.  Maybe this is another advantage I have.  I don’t get as personally charged as parents do to their children’s “insanity”, (Don’t get me wrong, I do get charged, I just don’t get as personally charged about ‘my child’ acting a certain way) and often, I can really see things from the child’s perspective.

Try twerking or doing the dougie or some other teen crazed thing with a group of kids. Go watch the One Direction movie and observe how the kids are reacting, and what they are reacting to.  Remember what it was like to be a teenager or young adult, and try listening to the young people with an open mind and heart.  They may have something to teach us that could actually change the world.  They are quite brilliant when you give them the chance to be!

I implore you to consider the possibility that a child might lead us to our deeper awareness of Oneness…. and we are missing the point when we stop listening and try to make them “better people” from our old ways.

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