Beloved, a Special Festival!

Have you ever been to a weekend long music festival where you camp out and see musicians, connect with people, eat festival food, and don’t get enough sleep??  If not, I HIGHLY recommend it!! Especially if you get a chance to go to the Beloved Music Festival in Tidewater Falls, OR.  WOW! Such intention, such deep reverence for Mother Earth, such GREAT intentional music and art!  Great food, open minded people, crystals, clothing, tea ceremonies, naked people (at least one or two!), new friends, friends you haven’t seen in a while… seriously, I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend in August!!!  I love my life so much, and I am so blessed to notice and recognize all of the many ways I am supported and loved!

Michael (my Beloved partner) and I went to the Beloved Sacred Arts and Music Festival this year (last year was our first time, and we decided to volunteer this year) and we had so much fun! Nahko and Medicine for the People opened the weekend with SUCH an awesome set!!  And the music during the rest of the weekend was so beautiful, heart opening, get-on-your-feet-and-dance worthy!

We arrived Thursday afternoon just in time for our first volunteer slot. We jumped out of our car and jumped right into parking cars! They man in charge of our time slot gave me a chance to run and grab some things our of our car so I could claim a tent spot (so gracious!!) and when our time was over for that day, we pitched our tent in the dark and then found some food (seriously, the best festival food on the planet with Lydia’s, Get Fried Rice, Eva’s Herbucha, Coconut Bliss, and several others), then went to bed.

Friday morning, we woke up to rain (so awesome to hear and feel rain on your tent!) and once it stopped, we got up and wandered around to find some friends and get some food. I had a Raw Power Shake from Lydia’s. (my favorite vendor there!) We sat with our friends and listened to Karnamrita perform Kirtan. She talked about beautiful chants and phrases, then sang them… I learned that Ari puricham (Not sure of spelling) means the seed, the beginning (I call it the Flower of Life), and Bajami means I worship with my voice. (A Perfect phrase for me to learn!)

After that, Nahko and Medicine for the People completely blew out minds with their incredible energy, beautiful music, amazing hearts, and FULL smiles! Even though I was a fan of theirs before seeing them live, I fell completely in love with them in that moment!

Michael got henna on his head! He has no tattoos, and since I have several, it was really fun to watch his process of choosing what he would get and where to put them.  He got an Ohm symbol above his right ear, and a yin yang symbol above his left ear. He’s even considering getting an actual tattoo now!

We experienced so much LOVE from people’s hearts! So many people hugging each other for more than a second… sometimes, even I started to pull away sooner than was necessary! And I love to hug! People just wanted to appreciate and honor and love each other!  I kept looking around and watching people doing yoga, hugging each other, dancing, and enjoying life together.  I got dripped on by a tree while I sat and wrote in my journal… It just made me remember to be present to my life.  Beautiful people, beautiful energy, beautiful presence, and lifting each other and Mama Earth up!  As Karmarita put it, “Creating medicine together”.  That is exactly what I experienced while tears of pure joy and gratitude ran down my face.

As a side note, Michael and I are both clean and clear of drugs, and I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in many many years.  Even though there was no alcohol at the festival, there was plenty of other mind-mood altering substances being used.  Since it has been such a long time since I have imbibed or spent time with those who do, I was able to use this opportunity to witness people using the drugs to help them open up to each other in ways our society often rejects. It made me a little bit sad to realize that it takes some people becoming altered by substances to open up, while at the same time making me happy that people were able to open up so much… especially with each other!! It is my dream to experience a world where people do not need mind-mood altering substances to open their hearts and minds and share in a love-fest of hugging, dancing, and loving each other openly.  A world where we can just simply love each other and share our lives in a deep, authentic, real, and present way ALL of the time.

While I am on the Love-fest vibe, the port-o-potties had poems and quotes in them! It was so awesome to go into one of the many potties and see herbs hanging in them, and when you sat down, there was a different poem or quote in each one… Many by Hafiz, Rumi, and other love poets… One that I remembered to write down was, “Loves greatest gift is the ability to make everything it touches sacred” ~Rumi.  Honestly, where else can you experience a festival where the port-o-potties support a heart opening moment like that?!?!

On Saturday morning, we had our second volunteer shift parking cars, and it was really slow. We were at the box office, and there were about 20 cars that went through. We had to miss some of the performances, and I was the most sad to miss Donna De Lory.  Once our shift was over (it was so cold and wet!) We had to get some warm food in our bodies. So we stood in line and started talking to a beautiful woman all in white. Suddenly, we realized it was Donna!  How serendipitous, right?!?!  We got to talk to her for a while, and Michael even talked to her about Luminary Voices (His new company) and getting her and Luminaries and Medicine for the People to perform a concert in Portland!  (Have I mentioned how much I love my life and all of the amazing was in which I am supported?!?! Well, I DO!!!)

And I must give a shout out to the people who worked the whole festival and helped make the experience safe, beautiful, and welcoming to all people… Including LOTS of kids!! The security officers, the vendors, the people who volunteered, the people who led the volunteer shifts, the artists, the musicians, the photographers, sound crew, the light crew, the people who created and built the stage, the people who set up before everyone arrived, the people who cleaned up after everyone left, and the fire keepers… Deep, heart-felt gratitude, love and light to all!!

Thank you Beloved Sacred Art and music Festival! I am so grateful for my experience!

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