My CBD Oil is not a multi level or franchise product.  It is grown and processed in Oregon on a farm that uses all organic and non-GMO practices.

The grower is a personal friend of mine, and she sells to medical vendors on the West Coast. Her product is constantly lab tested. I am her only retailer. This allows me to keep my prices low, and stay on top of quality control.


1775mg/oz or 60 mg/mL

19% bioavailablilty

>1% thc

Ingredients: *CBD from hemp, *MCT Oil from coconut, Soy lecithin (to prevent clumping), (Optional peppermint or orange essential oils for flavor)

Uses: Most people take CBD oil for pain and anxiety management. It has been known to support lowering inflamation and supporting the nervous system.

Directions: Use as needed. Most people see benefits from using 1-2 droppers full 1-3 times a day.

Sizes: Small- 1/2oz. Meduim- 2oz. Large- 4oz.


Disclaimer: This is a non-psychoactive product, and contains less than 1% thc.

This is a plant based product, and like most herbal and plant based medicinal products, it is not FDA regulated.

Do your research before using any CBD product.