Hand-cut, hand-smoothed copper rings, bracelets, wands to wear around your neck or keep in a pocket for easy access, and small copper pipes to put on your keychain.

Copper has been known to kill viruses and bacteria that can cause colds, flu, and other viruses.


Some hospitals are even putting copper sink bowls, surfaces and handrails in their halls and surgery rooms to help lower the spread of viruses and bacteria.


You can use your wand as a hand sanitizer by rubbing it around in your hands. You can also use it inside your nose, ears and throat when you feel the onset of a cold, and it has been proven in studies to lower the risk of a full blown cold or flu.


We have simple ones, and pretty ones. They come on a long hemp string.



  • $20-$35 (I can send you pictures of what we have available and the individual prices)


Order online or text to order privately:

  • 706-969-8769


(You will save on shipping if you order directly through me instead of my website)

Copper wands (See price and order info below)


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