Gemstone Suncathers, hangers, all handmade by me. The feng shui crystal center pieces have been energized with the vibrations of love and abundance.

The other stones I use are either gemstones or painted glass, and each carry their own energies to support you.

Hang your suncatcher where there might be energy blockages such as: where you need to break up dense energy like- offices, bedrooms, front door, Living area, kitchen, or where children do homework; where there are "killing arrows"- like sharp edges, corners, beams or ceiling fans; or where you want to accumulate more love and abundance.


  • $8-$15 (I can send you pictures of what I have available and the individual prices)


  • Please Text- 706-969-8769


(You will save on shipping if you order directly through me instead of my website)

Feng Shui Crystal gemstone hanger, suncatcher (Prices and order info below)