I create these lovely necklaces for any specific purpose you need support around.

My main focus is EMF protection jewelry. All of the necklaces will contain Shungite and Black tourmaline, plus other stones to support you.


I use cleared/cleansed/purified gemstones, minerals, crystals, shungite, coconut shell, lava, etc. (No bone or animal parts), strong wire, and a clasp that fits with the style of the necklace.


Let me know how much you wish to spend by clicking the price point below, the size you want, and then let me know what you are working on in the notes of your order. If you wish to add a favorite or preferred color(s), I will do my best to incorporate that into your necklace as well.


I can create necklaces that support any (or a combination of) the following (These are just examples, not limited this):

EMF protection, a calming effect, an energizing effect, a cleansing effect, a purifying effect, raising your emotional energy, your brain, your bones, your overall physical body, mental body, emotional body, ethereal body, more love, less negativity, and so on.


The necklaces pictured above are just samples of some I have already made and sold. You can mention one of them in your messae to me, and I may be able to recreate them. I usually communicate via text to fine tune and fully create your perfect necklace.



  • $40-$125 (I can send you pictures of what I have available and the individual prices)

Order online or text to order privately:

  • 706-969-8769

(You will save on shipping if you order directly through me instead of my website)

EMF blocking Necklaces (see prices and order info below)


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