Tools for the Empath/HSP Workshop-


On Zoom- which will be recorded and available for access.


Saturdays, May 1st-May 22nd 1-3pm ET




What you will gain:

  • This workshop will help you become more comfortable in your skin as an empath and/or highly sensitive person.

  • You will learn several tools on how to thrive with your gifts, and you will connect with a community of people who have similar awarenesses and abilities.

  • You will learn practical, hands-on tools for how to function, navigate and thrive as an empath and/or HSP including mindfulness meditation, EFT, Heart-centered breathing, protective exercises, and more.

  • We will also have open discussion, Q&A, connection time where we will talk about topics such as how anxiety, depression and codependency are often heightened in empaths; how we can navigate personal relationships; how we can be around other people, and/or raise children who are also sensitive or empathic, and ‘open forum’.


When you receive the email document, open it for the zoom link and password.

Tools for The Empath/HSP Workshop


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