I am Terra Bundance! 

When you work with me, I will:

* Support you in Identifying, clarifying and facing your underlying motivations, fears and blocks head-on.

* Assist you in accessing, developing and claiming your Personal Truth

How I will support you:

* Personalized 1:1 phone or video sessions- Go to Sessions to set up your initial free consultation

* Once weekly text or email check in's (while we are working together)

* Personalized homework assignments and tools that you will do before each session

* My youTube channel videos for certain homework assignments TerrAbundance youTube

Some of my background

* I am a highly sensitive, empathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, Truthsayer, dream interpreter, and channel for Universal Source.

* I have been a professional singer, songwriter, performer, stage manager, and a voice and performance teacher, and Vocal Empowerment Coach. 

* I have studied and worked in the nutrition, health/wellness, natural food, CBD, veterinary and Chinese Medicine industries for over 30 years.

* I have experienced years of- personal and group therapy, 12 step programs for codependency, business and personal coaching, and certification in specialized modalities.



“With her naked feet, her naked voice, her raw courage, and her unapologetic guts, Terra is a fearless testament to living out loud – an inspirational call for greatness to all who have ears to hear.  Listen up! Her message is an invocation for breathing into the far reaches of oneself, and it’s not for the faint of heart. To stand in her presence is to be confronted to live into the fullest expression of what you must be, and she does this without imposing judgement or by seeking approval.  She sings, she laughs, she loves. Witness and grow!”

David York, PhD, Music Director, New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, Portland, OR


"Terra can help me move through any blocks I may have that prevent me from my life path. 
I have experienced and witnessed her as an expert in assisting others in finding their light, aka- the journey to our authentic self or the journey to our heart."

Amy, M. Client, GA

*Terra is my dream whisperer! I've been going to her for over a year when I get bizarre, unexplainable dreams. The kinds of dreams that look like a surrealist painting. Consistently, Terra has correctly been able to interpret what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me. Her explanations not only make sense to my current situations but also provide valuable insight into what my next steps might be. She provides a roadmap for my waking life that helps me stay on course with my highest desires for my ultimate good. I am beyond grateful for her talent and expertise and cannot recommend her enough!

She is also very good at identifying subconscious relationship strands- reasons as to why people do the things that they do, and providing tools for self care and self help. 
There is no doubt in my mind that Terra can support me in strengthening my belief in myself to get me to my highest version of myself." 

Katherine B, Client, GA

"Terra is one of the most vivacious, powerful, grounded women I have ever had the pleasure of working beside. We have guided spiritual teens together, sung chants and other music together and created entertainment events together. Her communication skills are steered by love and the way she connects with people is downright inspiring. She is not only one of the goddess sparks in my life, but I’m also proud to call her my friend."

Amy Steinberg, Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller Extraordinaire/Music Director, Charlotte, NC

"Terra and I have worked together in both a music industry capacity, as well as a philosophical / healing arts capacity. There are few people I’ve been so fortunate to meet and find as insightful, intelligent, and sincere as they are talented and centered. Terra is one of those rare individuals who lives and breathes what she speaks. Honest, absolutely trustworthy to her word, and genuine, I proudly give Terra my highest recommendation!"

Brett Mikels Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

Terra is an angel here on earth with a heart powered by her loving nature and desire to serve. Simple as that. 

Not to make too big a fuss, but Terra’s lightness and brightness, as well as her gifts, are evident right from the start. Her many gifts go on and on, to the point where I have to tease her about it (smile). I’m so grateful for her coaching and Reiki skills in particular during the sessions we’ve had over the last year or so. Her presence is powerful. Not only is she caring, insightful, and dedicated to her clients, I always come away from our sessions clearer, wiser, and feeling more connected with myself and the universe.

Her innate ability to connect with people around her is exceptional, and she has a special place in my heart for always.

Darcy B, Client, AL