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I offer individual and group sessions, workshops and classes to support:

Transformation, Self-Love, Abundance, Vocal Empowerment, Channeling, and Empath/HSP support, as well as distance and in person Reiki sessions.

From early childhood, I have had many wonderful “out of the box” experiences, leading to opening up to my empathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, medium, channeling, and alchemical gifts. With much encouragement from friends, family, and myself, I continually grow, evolve and develop my gifts.

I have been blessed to guide, support and teach groups and individuals for over 30 years.  I’ve experienced the thrill and connection of professionally singing, songwriting, performing and stage management.  Having studied music and theater from age 7 through college, I have served people of all ages as a voice teacher and Vocal Empowerment guide for the past 25+ years.

I have pursued my fascination with nutrition, health and wellness while working in the health food, veterinary and natural healing industries.  Applying what I have learned about my own body and about the human body in general, I developed lines of raw chocolate, kombucha and vegan/gf/sf food products, and I am in the process of writing my first cookbook. By embracing the flavors and health benefits of the natural world, and changing recipes to become more allergy and vegan friendly, I am stepping into teaching classes using those same tools in your own home.

Having a very creative mother who is a professional artist and crafter, I come by my interest and skill in crafting and jewelry making naturally.  I love to create handmade products, including jewelry, wool felt crafts, and other products as tools to support embodying self-love, and clearing personal space.

In 2018, I added cannabinoid oil (CBD) to my world.  Having researched the enormously varied benefits of this natural product, I now joyfully offer a line of ingestible and topical CBD products for people and pets.  I have researched and discovered a very high potency, organic, non-GMO, lab tested source of this great product, and I work directly with the grower and processor of the plant to create several CBD products, including ingestible oil, and topical balms which are all available in my SHOP


In addition to the above training, my personal growth has included individual and group therapy and 12 step programs for codependency, which have powerfully helped me strengthen my own sense of self-love, empowerment, strength, and courage.

I incorporated much of what I have learned in my first book, The Butterfly Process-Tools for Transformation, and I am currently in the process of writing 2 new books: Tools for the Empath- for children, teens and adults, and a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free cookbook called Terra-ize Your Kitchen which will teach the reader how to create my recipes, as well as how to alter someone else's recipes to fit specific food choices and allergies.

Utilizing the rich and varied training I have had the pleasure to experience, I have created many tools and support systems to assist individuals and groups in developing a strong sense of self, personal and vocal empowerment, and self-love.

I use all of my gifts, strengths, studies, and abilities to create the sessions and tools that are just right for you. Please see my session info below. I look forward to being in sacred service to support you.


Session Information

I am happy to work with you or your group.

Each session is priced according to your needs and financial assessment.


Sliding scale for individuals: $65-125/hr. (TBD upon assessment)


For couples, and groups of 3 or larger, I offer group rates upon communication.

Please send an email: Here and write me a personal message about what kind of support you are seeking.

Choose 1-3 from this list:

Channeling, Self-love, Abundance, Transformation, Empath/HSP support, Vocal Empowerment, Reiki

Each session is generally an hour long, and will be a phone or zoom call.



“With her naked feet, her naked voice, her raw courage, and her unapologetic guts, Terra is a fearless testament to living out loud – an inspirational call for greatness to all who have ears to hear.  Listen up! Her message is an invocation for breathing into the far reaches of oneself, and it’s not for the faint of heart. To stand in her presence is to be confronted to live into the fullest expression of what you must be, and she does this without imposing judgement or by seeking approval.  She sings, she laughs, she loves. Witness and grow!”

David York, PhD, Music Director, New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, Portland, OR


"Terra is one of the most vivacious, powerful, grounded women I have ever had the pleasure of working beside. We have guided spiritual teens together, sung chants and other music together and created entertainment events together. Her communication skills are steered by love and the way she connects with people is downright inspiring. I am so excited to watch the unfolding of her as author and presenter! She is not only one of the goddess sparks in my life, but I’m also proud to call her my friend."

Amy Steinberg, Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller Extraordinaire/Music Director, Charlotte, NC


"Terra and I have worked together in both a music industry capacity, as well as a philosophical / healing arts capacity. There are few people I’ve been so fortunate to meet and find as insightful, intelligent, and sincere as they are talented and centered. Terra is one of those rare individuals who lives and breathes what she speaks. Honest, absolutely trustworthy to her word, and genuine, I proudly give Terra my highest recommendation!"

Brett Mikels Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA